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Africa’s Hope is a ministry of AGWM Africa. We exist to facilitate training that equips the church in Africa to disciple the nations in the power of the Holy Spirit. Spirit-empowered, biblically trained leaders are the hope of Africa.

What is africa's Hope?

Africa’s Hope equips and resources over 25,000 emerging leaders through the efforts of more than 380 Bible colleges and training programs. These students carry the hope of the gospel and are highly dedicated to seeing a healthy church established within walking distance of every African. Now, more than ever, there is a renewed call to action. In the new decade ahead, our mission remains the same. By 2030, because of the faithful prayers and financial support from friends like you, our goal is to have thousands of new leaders fulfilling God’s call on their lives and bringing hope to their communities.

What We do


The priority of Africa’s Hope is to train emerging leaders across the continent of Africa to fulfill the Great Commission. The health of the church is determined by the health of its leaders. Today, over 80% of African men and women do not have access to quality theological education. Africa’s Hope exists to increase that access to enlarge the capacity of the African church.


Africa’s Hope is a resource ministry to bridge the gap and ensure that quality educational materials are available to key institutions of training. Our ministry's efforts are highly focused on resource development of relevant materials to aid the development of thousands of students each year, and ensure these are available in multiple languages.


Africa’s Hope serves as a gateway to foster relationships between Bible schools and training programs across the continent—building relationships, mentoring institutional leaders, and creating opportunities for growth and development to occur. This transpires through the conferences and workshops sponsored by Africa’s Hope each year.


Africa’s Hope partners with more than 380 Bible schools and extension training programs in 45 countries across Africa, equipping 23,000 students each year. The scale of need for relevant materials creates great demand for the number of students each year.

Curriculum Development

Africa's Hope is dedicated to developing biblically sound curricula that are for the African context. Living the Truth is a series that helps believers grow in their knowledge of God’s Word, nurture their relationship with Christ, and learn to live out their faith and share it with others, it is currently being translated into five other languages. The Discovery Series is a three-year curriculum designed to train pastors, church planters, and cross-cultural missionaries. This series is currently being used to equip thousands of students around the continent every year.

Translation Initiatives

Africa’s Hope is committed to translating biblical training and discipleship resources into the most widely spoken languages in Africa. Students often become emotional when they are finally able to study the Bible, be discipled, and prepare for ministry using materials that have been translated into their heart language. Click here to hear the heart languages of the people of Africa on an interactive map.

Campus Development

The purchasing of property and the construction of new buildings helps to increase the capacity of our Bible school campuses in key locations. Many financial partners of Africa’s Hope have invested in campus development projects that are in urgent need of assistance so that more students can attend quality training programs. Campus development and the delivery of quality curriculum complement each other to provide a place and the necessary tools for more Spirit-empowered leaders to be trained.

Study Bibles

A Bible is a rare gift for many African pastors. Some make do with sharing a Bible, while others have Bibles that are so used, the pages are falling out of them. In addition, many have to use Bibles that are in a language other than their heart language. Africa’s Hope strives to make the Fire Bible (previously called the Full Life Study Bible) accessible at an affordable price and in as many African languages as possible. When Bibles in priority languages are available, Africa’s Hope will stock them for distribution in Africa.

Strategic Training Seminars

Africa’s Hope sponsors national and regional Strategic Training Seminars that provide specialized training to empower and equip the administration and faculty of Bible schools around the continent. These Strategic Training Seminars introduce new materials and resources, teach best practices for transformational learning, promote training from a Pentecostal perspective, and inspire schools to strive for excellence.


As critical needs arise, Africa’s Hope provides computers, tablets, and other necessary electronic equipment for Bible school libraries, administrators, teachers, and students. These valuable resources improve communication, instruction, record keeping, everyday school operations, and the overall learning experience of every student. 


For every student who studies in an African Bible school, there are many more who would also study if they had the financial resources. As a result, most of these will settle for ministry without any training or will grow discouraged and choose not to pursue their calling. To meet this need, Africa’s Hope annually provides hundreds of scholarships to deserving students, empowering them to minister at their highest level of potential.


Theological libraries remain a tremendous need for the majority of our Bible schools in Africa. Many schools today have outdated resources that are few in number and in poor condition. Africa’s Hope ships key library books, textbooks, and shelving to Bible school libraries in accordance with the level of programs each institution offers.

Our History

Mountain Rage

Africa's Hope History

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Growth of the Assemblies of God Church in Africa

Our Vision: A healthy church within walking distance of every African.  Every student trained is the potential for a new church plant.  Africa’s Hope has been resourcing the Assemblies of God churches in Africa since 1989.