Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has over 80 million people and over 200 ethnic groups. Lingala is the second-most widely spoken African language in DRC. A critical component of training the next generation of emerging African leaders is scholarships. A partial scholarship will allow students to get the training they need, even if they have limited resources. On average, $600 will cover the tuition costs of one student for one year of study. Lubumbashi is the second-largest city in DRC; It is a critical hub for training in the southern part of the country. We need additional buildings to expand the program. Your investment will allow us to build a chapel and conference center, allowing this school to increase its reach. Over 14 million Congolese speak Lingala. Several hundred Bible school students are studying at the diploma level in Lingala. Translating the Discovery Series into Lingala will equip these students with powerful tools, helping them while at school and while planting new churches.

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