Sagbiebou Bible School


The Sagbiebou project is a partnership between AGWM Africa/Africa’s Hope and the Togo Assemblies of God church. In 2006 the Togo Assemblies of God made a critical decision to start a new Bible School in the north of Togo. Their heart was to see the least reached of their country find Christ. Since the launching of this school, many new churches have been planted among these people groups. Today that school is at capacity they need additional dorms to receive more students who are waiting to be trained. They need three additional dorms, allowing them to receive up to 40 new students. Along with the dorms we would like to strengthen their infrastructure with additional solar power for the campus. This will allow students to have a light in their rooms at night and also lights in the library and classrooms. Lights for the campus, but more importantly, light for the least-reached peoples of Togo.

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